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Citrus Collection

Embark on a journey into the heart of spring with our enchanting Collection. Inspired by the invigorating feeling of the season, each piece is a celebration of the refreshing and vibrant atmosphere that defines springtime. As you delve into this collection, you'll discover a captivating blend of elements designed to capture the essence of this beautiful season. The mood of the Collection is whimsical and joyful, mirroring the sense of renewal and vitality that spring brings. Embracing a palette of soft pastels, the colors are as light and airy as a gentle spring breeze.
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Eclipse Collection

The collection ECLIPSE is inspired by the moon cycle and how each phase represents different significant changes and new beginnings. Crafted in pure linen fabric the collection offers comfort, style and versatile designs. The art work followed through out the collection is amalgamation of bleaching technique and delicate kantha stitches.
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Folklore Collection

The philosophy behind the collection Folklore is a beautiful blend of timeless textile practices that continue to resonate deeply with people, seamlessly combined with the grace of modern contemporary silhouettes. The essence of Folklore lies in the art of revitalising and cherishing the core principles of slow fashion. In this collection, each piece becomes a narrative thread connecting the rich tapestry of Khadi weaving tradition with evolving block printing and dyeing techniques of today.

Oasis Loungewear

Oasis lounge wear is an extension of our SS/23 OASIS collection. The lounge wear focuses on elongated silhouettes, serene colour palette and light weighted fabrics to enhance the luxury of leisure and contemporary clothing to give you the best experience of comfort and style.

Oasis Collection

Oasis, a contemporary-based summer spring collection, draws inspiration from Zazen, movement, and nothingness. The collection features loose-fitting silhouettes in soft, flowing fabrics, with a muted color palette of earthy tones, ranging from sandy beiges to deep greens. he designs are created with the intention of being comfortable and versatile, with several pieces that can be mixed and matched to create different looks.

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"The quality, feel and substance of her textiles are unparalleled. Personally, I couldn't live without her basics. You simply can not find the combination of quality and style from any other."
Chhavi Sisodiya

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Loveddd this vest. Want more such pieces. Thank you, Namita, for designing fashionable, comfortable, easy-care clothing.
Riva Koradiya
Its so amazing loved it 🤍✨ thank u so much😚😚
Priyal Mehta
Have finally received everything looks good ✨
Shreya Arya
I’m literally obsesssed with your collection ! It’s soooo good ! Literally want everything on it.
Riddhi Shah
Hello!! I just stumbled upon this page. I wanted to take a moment to say that the Eclipse collection is absolutely fantastic, very inspired and new.
Nishra Sejpal

"Crafting Timeless Styles, One Piece at a Time"

The aim is to deliver products that would tell a story in patterns and colours, yet will be equally novel and unbound from tradition.

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