"Fashion, But Make It Slow."

My Story

The journey of this dream started almost a decade ago. I was always inclined towards art and gradually it became a part of my personality and self expression.For me, the beginning has always been my mom, she used to make sure that my ensembles always stand out which made me feel confident and fall in love with fashion.I have always believed that comfortable clothing always enhances your confidence,self esteem,personality and is a mirror to your personal style.I try to integrate same virtues in my brand via colours, silhouettes, art and fabric choice.

For me my guilty pleasure has always been the process of creating ensembles, mixing colours, creating swatches, experiencing craft & textiles. I believe experimenting with new concepts and integrating it with the collections adds more value to each garment.

I try to connect my emotions, experiences and observations into my collection by amalgamating it with contemporary silhouettes, crafts and textiles.I aspire to carve a niche in the industry with my contemporary, comfortable and conscious take of fashion.

Homegrown | Contemporary | Bespoke

Brand Story & Philosophy

Namita Dhoot, the brand is born with the philosophy of mindfulness which means being conscious and present throughout each step of the process to make our collection ethical. It is a pret label for men and women , which thrives to create clothing that focuses on amalgamating comfort, textile and artwork to create timeless and exclusive pieces that will be cherished over time.

Our process also explores the articulation of nowness with contemporary silhouettes and durable fabric choices.We believe that comfort comes from within and it’s necessary that the garments make you feel good in order to make you look good. That’s why we prioritise ethical and slow practices throughout our entire production process.

As an ethical & slow fashion brand each garment is handcrafted meticulously in small batches with delicate details, breathable fabrics and love. We are keen on creating ensembles that are comfortable, affordable and contemporary.Our clothes represent a sense of comfort, leisure, versatility and our modern take on textile crafts.

Homegrown | Contemporary | Bespoke


The brand aspires to become a pret fashion house catering comfort to each gender and body type. The vision of our fashion brand extends beyond creating exclusive clothing but also creating a better clothing experience where customers can not only shop our collections but also engage with our brand story and values.

We envision a future where our brand becomes a symbol of quality, style, and purpose, inspiring our customers to make conscious choices and express their individuality.

Homegrown | Contemporary | Bespoke

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